Gastric Sleeve Surgery For Long-Term Weight Loss


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Gillian Gierlowski
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Great company. In no time at all, they had sent me all the forms and booked my appointment. Definitely worth looking at to find the treatment that you would like.
Barbara Mitchell
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The treatment I received today was outstanding. The minute I walked in the girls were lovely and helpful and asked if I wanted tea or coffee. Then David came out and we went into a private office to discuss my operation. We talked about it in full and he put my mind at ease.
Rosanna Murray
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I had my consultation with Dr. Salmon which was so positive and calming! Its now 9 wks later and I'm a wk post surgery and I'm a new woman
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Excellent from start to finish, great follow up post op, staff all very friendly and helpful. Was fully informed prior to surgery and never at any time felt under pressure to go ahead with the operation. Have recommended to two different people since my operation and would have no hesitation to recommend to anyone considering surgery.
Shona Flynn
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Couldn’t fault the team at Auralia, the whole experience from start to finish is outstanding. They are all such a lovely bunch of people and genuinely care about you.
Philip Moore
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At which point the nurse went through the medication process and the aftercare. So now it's been less than a day later and I feel good a bit sore but not to be unexpected.

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery FAQs

Short term weight loss

A patient’s weight loss is largely dependent on how much effort they put into the nutritional and exercise program.

Generally, the more you interact with the program, the more successful you will be. However, Auralia Weight Loss Clinic has never had a patient who simply hasn’t lost weight on our gastric sleeve program.

Whilst every person is different, we would expect our gastric sleeve patients to lose around 6-7 stone within the first 12 months. However, many of our patients have lost as much as 11 stone within this time. This is largely dependent on how compliant the patient is with the after-care program.

The gastric sleeve offers a dramatic weight loss relatively easily but unlike the gastric band, the long term weight loss isn’t as favoured.

Long term weight loss

The gastric sleeve gives you a dramatic weight loss early but the long term results show that the patients actually regain weight over time. This weight regain occurs due to a combination of stretching the gastric remnant (what’s left of the stomach after the surgery), poor dietary habits, and the return of appetite thanks to an increase in ghrelin levels.

Out of all our available surgical weight loss procedures, the gastric sleeve carries the most risk.

The three main risks to having a gastric sleeve fitted are:
Bleeding: This is the most common complication to occur. A blood transfusion
may be required with a re-operation, but it can be managed without further
Leakage: This is the most dangerous complication to occur and it happens when
the contents of the stomach leak through the long-staple line. It can occur in the
first couple of days after the surgery. It is difficult to manage and may require the
patient to stay in the hospital longer.
Reflux: If you have a history of heartburn (reflux) then you won’t be able to opt for
the gastric sleeve. This is because your reflux will become worse after the
operation and you will be less likely to receive successful weight loss. Chronic
reflux can be a really serious problem in the lower gullet (oesophagus) which is
why this risk should not be taken lightly.

To qualify for a gastric sleeve, you must:
● Be between the ages of 25-50
● Have a BMI of 40 kg/m2 or higher
● Have no history of reflux/heartburn
● Have no history of previous weight loss procedures
● Be completely aware of the risks and benefits of the gastric sleeve

● Excellent initial weight loss
● Does not require frequent clinic attendance for adjustments
● Reduces hunger hormones (unlike the gastric band)
● Preservation of normal passage of food through the stomach (unlike
gastric bypass)

● Supplementation to avoid nutritional deficiencies
● Increased risk of reflux post-surgery
● Need for long-term vitamin and mineral
● Risk of leak and bleeding – sleeve is the riskiest procedure
● The tendency to weight regain in longer-term

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