Everything You Need To Know About Getting Lip Fillers In Ireland

Last Updated : December 22, 2020

Lip fillers have definitely grown in popularity over the years and for good reason. Lip fillers can replenish lost volume in lips and provide patients with natural, beautiful results. Lip fillers, or lip enhancements, provide you with a fast and effective way to improve how your lips look.

Whether you want to get back some of that youthful plumpness, or add a new level of volume to your lips, you can get a tailored filler to give you the perfect results.

Fillers aren’t just used to get that Kardashian look. They’re also used to help correct asymmetry, increase fullness, improve definition, and to help hide any creases caused by sun or smoking.

Lip fillers are a treatment that’s popular amongst all generations – they’re not just for millennials! They’re also something that both men and women can benefit from.

If you’re thinking about getting lip fillers, then take a look at this guide to learn everything you need to know about this non-surgical procedure.

What are the benefits of lip fillers?

There are 3 main benefits to getting lip fillers:

1. It’s a quick, easy and painless procedure

When you get lip fillers, the procedure only takes about 20 minutes. It’s also administered with an ultra-fine needle with an anaesthetic – meaning you won’t feel any pain when getting it done.

You might feel a small prick when the needle is inserted but other than that it’s a quick and painless procedure with minimum risks.

2. It produces natural-looking results

Lip fillers really aren’t what people make them out to be. When you get lip fillers done, they’re not changing the entire makeup of your face, they’re enhancing the beauty that’s already there.

Your lips will look as natural as always after you’ve had lip fillers done, and they’ll look younger too.

3. They have a fast recovery time

Lip fillers are a non-invasive surgery, so the recovery from them is quite speedy. Most patients can even resume their normal lives and daily routines after a day.

What are lip fillers made from?

Many lip enhancements are carried out with the use of fillers. They’re often used to add volume and definition or to enhance a small or thin lip. They can also be used to balance out asymmetric lips and help reduce the appearance of fine lines.

The material we use for lip fillers here at Auralia is Gore-Tex. This is a material that the human body tolerates well, making it safe to use with minimum risks.

Some lip fillers are also made up of hyaluronic acid which is a non-synthetic filler that actually exists within the human body already. This makes it easy for this filler to be accepted by your body as your body is already used to the material.

What’s involved in a lip filler procedure?

When you get a lip filler procedure, the filler will be injected into your lips with a fine needle to help you achieve the look you desire.

Your lips can become swollen for a couple of days after the procedure though. You might also need to return for top-up treatments to keep up the desired look for your lips.

What is the recovery like after a lip filler procedure?

After your surgery, it’s normal to experience sensitivity in the area as well as swelling, redness, or bruising on the lips. Like with all treatments it’s advised that you take the time to recover and avoid any crowded social events.

Your doctor will let you know the particulars about your recovery. They’ll also give you a list of things to try to avoid after your treatment such as:

  • Makeup
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Sun
  • Tan beds
  • Heat exposure
  • Certain creams and lotions

What are the risks/complications of lip fillers?

Like with all procedures there are risks and there can be complications. Some complications can include an increase in cold sores around your lips especially if you’re prone to them, or have an allergic reaction to the filler used.

All potential complications and risks should be discussed with your doctor in your consultation. Always get a copy of the risks and complications so you can read them at home.

How long do lip fillers last?

Lip fillers do last a long time but unfortunately, they aren’t permanent.

On average, they last from 5 – 7 months, depending on the treatment type and the individual.

Lip fillers can be altered and topped up, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to retain your desired look.

What is lip filler aftercare like?

Aftercare is as important as the procedure itself. With Auralia, you’ll be given a tailored aftercare plan to suit all your needs. We want to make your recovery as stress-free as possible with our expert care.

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