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Quick Liposuction Surgery Booking

With Auralia Private Hospital, you don't have to wait months to get your liposuction surgery done.

Ongoing Care & Support

Auralia will always be there for you after your liposuction surgery, whether with free additional appointments if needed or with expert advice.

Following your visit to Auralia, you will be given pre- and post-operative instruction to guide you on how to be well prepared for your liposuction surgery (sometimes referred to as body sculpturing or body contouring) and what to do afterwards. This will also contain the clinic's contact details.

You will also be given your Auralia surgeon’s emergency mobile number for calls after hours. During work hours, you should contact the hospital.

If you suspect anything is wrong outside of business hours, you are welcome to call the emergency number of your surgeon and speak with them directly, day or night.

Alternatively, you can drop straight into the clinic during working hours.

Absolutely not! You are entitled to as many appointments as you feel you need with your surgeon, following your liposuction surgery.

Absolutely! From the time you have your liposuction surgery with your Auralia surgeon, you are entitled to see them for appointments for as long as necessary.

If the surgeon no longer works for Auralia, you would still be entitled to see one of our surgeons for free.

Get The Perfect Body Contour With Vaser Liposuction

VASER Lipo, is the cutting edge of the next generation of Body Contour that uses ultrasound technology to liquefy the fat tissue on the Body surface.

Almost every person, male and female, above the age of 30 struggles with hard-core fat deposits on certain body parts – these could be on the belly, flanks, saddlebags, bra rolls, arms, butt, thick thighs, round face or neck. Often times no matter how many diets we try and how regularly we exercise, those fat deposits just won’t go away.

Auralia Medical Group can now offer you VASER Lipo – the most modern technology in the world of non-invasive liposuction, which has set the gold standard in Body Contouring.

Liposuction Surgery Cost In Ireland

Possibility of monthly payments up to 72 months.

The Types Of Body Sculpting Procedures That We Provide

VASER Lipo is a refinement on liposuction that utilises ultrasound to break apart fat cells and facilitate their removal from the body. Unlike traditional liposuction, VASER Lipo is considered a more controlled and gentle approach to fat removal to be done on small areas or even larger procedures. The technique is simple, however, it is recommended to consult with a skilled and experienced consultant to determine individual needs and goals.

Liposuction is a fat-removal procedure used in cosmetic surgery. It uses suction to remove fat from specific areas of the body, such as the stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms or neck. Liposuction can also be used to shape these specific body areas in a process that is called contouring.

Compared to traditional liposuction, which requires manual back and forth movement of a cannula to break up and suction out fat tissue, PAL utilises a power-assisted cannula that automatically creates a vibration on the cannuala tip to produce a more uniform result.

High-volume lipo is a plus-size cosmetic surgery procedure performed on patients who require a greater than average amount of fat removal in order to contour their bodies. HVL can be added to other clinical procedures.

High-definition liposuction uses very similar techniques to those used in traditional liposuction. Various cannulas are still used to suction fat. The procedure can be performed with manual cannulas or power-assisted devices in combination with energy-based devices to create the high definition result.

Lipedema is an abnormal build-up of fat in your legs and arms. It can sometimes be painful and affect your daily life, VASER Lipo is an effective way to relieve this disorder. Other clinical conditions could be Lipo-Lymphedema, Dercum Disease and others. Each clinical situation requires a personalised evaluation.

The Best Place For Your Liposuction Surgery In Ireland


23 years of experience and over 30,356 procedure performed.


Most advanced technologies, for the highest standards of safety and care during your liposuction.


We pay fantastic personal attention to details in order to craft your tailored liposuction surgical plan.

Liposuction Surgery FAQs

- Men and Women dealing with stubborn fat deposits

- Men and Women seeking more sculpted and toned body shape

- Men and Women aiming to boost self-esteem and confidence

- Women experiencing post-pregnancy body changes

Liposuction surgery cost depend on various factors like the type of the procedure and the number of areas to treat.

At Auralia we can help you spread the cost of the surgery up to 72 monthly payments.

Please contact us to get your surgery price!

Get your quote

At Auralia Clinic, we treat a wide range of Liposuction areas such as :

- Jaw area liposuction

- Chin liposuction

- Axilla area liposuction

- Forearms liposuction

- Breasts liposuction

- Arms liposuction

- Bra Rolls (back) liposuction

- Upper Abdomen liposuction

- Lower Abdomen liposuction

- Flanks (Love Handles) liposuction

- Buttocks liposuction

- Outer Thighs liposuction

- Inner Thighs liposuction

- Anterior Thighs liposuction

- Knees liposuction

- Ankles liposuction

- Calves liposuction

At our consultation, your Auralia surgeon will be able to pick the best type of lipo that helps you achieve your desired goals and that fits your body type best.

Liposuction is a surgery that targets stubborn areas of fat that are under the skin but above the muscles, it usually results in a more defined contour and requires multiple tiny incisions for the suction device to target those areas.

Tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, on the other hand is a surgery where areas of the abdomen that are saggy or loose are tightened up via excision and the loose abdominal muscles, which are usually a result of pregnancy or excessive weight gain, are tightened up via threads.

Sometimes some liposuction is required before abdominoplasty, and sometimes, liposuction is required after abdominoplasty, in the case of love handles for example.

And depending on the shape of the tummy, the amount of fat, and skin elasticity, and most importantly, your desired outcomes, your Auralia surgeon can help inform you which surgery is best suited for you.

No, it can’t be used to lose weight. Liposuction is for contouring and getting rid of excess fat that can’t be shifted, regardless of how much dieting or exercise a patient does. Liposuction only removes a limited amount of fat.

The aim of liposuction is not weight loss, but rather it is for reshaping your body contour and to remove stubborn fat.

During your liposuction surgery consultation, your full medical history is examined to make sure you’re an appropriate candidate.

Then you’ll have a body examination, which will allow your doctor to assess the characteristics of your body to decide with type of surgery is best for you and give your personalized recommendation.

During your consultation, you are in the driver’s seat. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. Your doctor will address any concerns you might have so you can be confident about the choice you’re making.

Your Auralia surgeon might also mark your body to identify the target area so you both have a better understanding of what will be done, and where the scars might be.

Liposuction varies in length depending on what kind of procedure is being used and whether it’s targeting a specific area or it’s an overall body sculpt procedure.

Though liposuction is generally very safe, there are always risks to any surgery. Choosing the right clinic and following all pre-and post-operative instructions will greatly reduce the risk of complications. Some potential risks may include:

Anesthesia complications
Damage to tissues
Poor wound healing
Rippling skin

At Auralia, your surgeons do their best to ensure your safety, we are a CHKS and ISO approved hospital with 23 years of expertise, we are able to deal with all types of complications that might occur.

At Auralia your safety, happiness and well-being is our first priority!

Some discomfort is inevitable. Discomfort is usually well controlled by our experienced consultant anaesthetists. On discharge home, we will advise you on what types of pain killers to use.

The scars from liposuction are very tiny, and usually end up being about 3 mm per incision.

Your Auralia surgeon will try their best to conceal those incisions within the natural creases of your surgery area.

While fat cells removed through liposuction are permanently destroyed, this does not mean you can’t regain weight again. Remaining fat cells can still expand, and new fat can crop up in a non-treated area.

It’s important for liposuction patients to be dedicated to maintaining their results after surgery through diet and exercise to prevent this problem.

Usually, people can recover from liposuction fairly quickly, but if it’s combined with another procedure it can vary depending on how many incisions were made and how extensive the surgery was.

Patients are encouraged to keep moving when they’ve had liposuction, even if it’s sore. Mobility helps prevent blood clots and will help you recover speedily. Most patients are able to leave the house and return to work after 48 hours.

At Auralia, our aftercare plan is individually tailored to each patient’s procedure and requirements to give them the quickest possible recovery.

We are proud to offer fully comprehensive and inclusive aftercare to all our patients. Our Irish based surgeons are contactable 24 hours a day if you need them, and our professional and highly trained medical team are accessible at all times to assist you with any concerns you might have after your treatment. All patients receive three post-op consultations, but if you feel you need more support, we can facilitate you without any extra cost.

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