The Complete Guide To Butt Implant Surgery In Ireland

Last Updated : December 22, 2020

Gluteal augmentation, or butt implant surgery, is a well-established cosmetic surgery. Popular around the world, it’s taken off here in Ireland as well.

If you’re thinking of getting a buttock augmentation procedure, you probably have a lot of surgery-related questions.

Lucky for you

To help you get the answers you’re looking for, we’ve put together this useful guide to getting buttock enhancement surgery in Ireland. Take a look through the procedure outline, the results, and the possible complications, before making your decision if buttock implant surgery is right for you.

What exactly is butt implant surgery and why do people get it?

Gluteal or buttock augmentation is one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures in the world. It’s also one of the most common types of body-shaping cosmetic surgery.

Nowadays, butt lift surgery is common amongst both men and women. Anybody who wants to improve the form of their sagging, flat, or square glutes can consider getting butt augmentation surgery.

Some patients choose buttock enhancement after they’ve lost a considerable amount of weight. Butt lifts help compensate for the loose skin and sagging appearance of the bottom after extreme weight loss.

Here at Auralia, we partner with POLYTECH to give our patients the perfect gluteal implant for their body shape. We choose POLYTECH as they produce gluteal implants in a variety of sizes, with either a round or elliptical shape. This allows us to help find the buttock implant that best suits your body’s shape and create a flattering, natural look.

How do I know if butt implant surgery is right for me?

People get butt implant surgery done for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at a few of these and see if any of them resonate with you. This way you’ll know whether or not butt implant surgery is an option for you.

  1. Some people might feel like their glutes are too small for their body, making their body shape appear uneven
  2. Often people want their flat, square or sagging glutes to have more of an appealing shape
  3. Others lose all shape in their glutes because of weight loss and want to get some definition back
  4. Being in swimwear or tight clothing makes some people unhappy about the shape of their bottom, so they get a butt augmentation to help with their self-confidence
  5. Some people try to improve the shape of their glutes through exercise, but they can’t achieve the desired shape they want
  6. A lot of people just genuinely feel self-conscious about their glutes, so much that it affects their lives and their self-esteem

What are gluteal implants made of?

Our implant of choice by POLYTECH is the polyurethane gluteal implants. This implant is developed and manufactured in Germany and is of the highest quality.

POLYTECH always follows health and safety standards and examines every single implant they make. They also conduct mechanical stress tests to ensure their implants can withstand exceptional stress.

The implant we use is a silicone gel-filled gluteal implant. The shell of the implant is a strong, resilient, and highly elastic silicone elastomer equipped with a barrier layer.

The buttock implants we use by POLYTECH are filled with a strongly cross-linked, stable silicone gel with a very strong shell. A firm gel is chosen because the implants act as a muscle replacement in the buttock.

This manufacturing style allows the implant to withstand heavy loads, while giving the patient comfortable support.

How is a gluteal augmentation performed?

Gluteal augmentation surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia. Each implant is placed into each buttock through an incision made overlying the tailbone.

Through this incision, the buttock muscle underneath is lifted to form a pocket large enough for the implant to be placed inside.

This procedure is then repeated on the other side.

Afterwards, both sides are examined carefully to make sure the results look both natural and symmetrical.

This procedure is an overnight procedure. The patient will also be unable to sit or lie on the area for at least the first 24 hours after their operation.

What is the recovery time after buttock implant surgery?

With buttock surgery, you’ll have to stay overnight at your chosen clinic. You will need to have a friend or family member drive you home from the hospital the day after.

You won’t be able to sit down or lie on the area for at least the first 72 hours after the operation.

Following your buttock implant procedure, you might notice some bruising, swelling, and you could experience some discomfort. Don’t worry though, you’ll be given some pain medication to deal with the discomfort.

It’s advised that buttock implant patients take approximately two weeks off work. If your job is a particularly strenuous job then it’s a good idea to take a bit longer.

Are there any potential complications after surgery?

Like with any surgery butt implant surgery does carry risks. Any potential complications will always be discussed during your consultation.

Be sure to ask for a copy of these potential risks in writing so you can go over them yourself at home.

If you’re thinking of getting buttock implant surgery, get in contact with our helpful team at Auralia. 

Our team would be happy to answer all your questions and discuss your options.

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