How To Make Your Hands Look Younger

Last Updated : March 2, 2021

Our hands go through so much, and unfortunately, after years of hardship, they can end up looking a lot older than they should. 

Hands are one of the first places where ageing becomes apparent. A person’s age can easily be revealed by looking at the condition of their skin on the backs of their hands and their fingers. 

Natural ageing and exposure to sunlight can cause our hands to become different over time. The common visible signs of ageing skin include dark spots and age spots.

Our hands, when we age, transform from being firm and plump to ones that appear marred by large veins and thinner skin. Brown liver spots can also appear, which are usually due to too much sun exposure. The lack of fatty tissue on our hands as we get older can also make them appear older and bonier. 

There are many incredibly effective non-surgical techniques that can rejuvenate your hands, though. These treatments can help to improve the quality and the texture of your skin. They can also help decrease wrinkling and prominent veins and help restore your hands to a more youthful appearance. 


What is hand rejuvenation?

Hand rejuvenation is a term used to describe a variety of different treatments used to treat signs of ageing on hands. 

There are several visible signs of ageing that develop on your hands as you get older, and a lot of people either feel uncomfortable or disheartened with how their hands look when they’re older. 

These treatments help eliminate blemishes like dark age spots and help return elasticity to the skin. Fillers or fat can also be used to hide veins and tendons and give a more plump, youthful looking hand.

Hand rejuvenation procedures are becoming more and more popular with people over the years, and there are a few different types to choose from. 

How much does hand rejuvenation cost?

Hand rejuvenation can start from as little as €250, depending on what type of procedure you decide to opt for. When you meet with your doctor, you can talk about your concerns and develop a solution that suits your individual needs. From here, you can discuss pricing options for your treatment.

The average cost of hand rejuvenation is between €700 – €1200 and permanent rejuvenation  can cost about €3000 with fat grafting.

What types of treatments can you get for hand rejuvenation?

There are six types of treatments that are often used for hand rejuvenation and they include:

  1. Fat transfer: This improves the volume of the hand making it appear more youthful
  2. Fillers: This helps give back volume to the hand
  3. Laser ablation: This procedure helps to reduce the visibility of small blood vessels
  4. Chemical peels: This treatment helps to improve the texture of the skin
  5. Laser skin treatment: This encourages natural regrowth to help get more youthful-looking skin
  6. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy: This is used to treat dark spots on the hands

Here at Auralia, we specialise primarily in laser hand rejuvenation treatments. 


What is laser hand rejuvenation?

To restore youthfulness to your hard-working hands, you can get a laser hand rejuvenation procedure. Laser treatment can remove dark spots on your hands and pigmentation. Dark spots are a very common skin issue on hands and usually appear due to exposed sunlight. They can easily be treated through a range of light therapies. 

IPL can be used to treat any unwanted dark spots, but lasers allow your doctor to target certain spots with extreme precision. Laser treatment is the perfect solution to removing dark spots and making your hands look younger, especially if the treatment area is minimal. 

During your consultation, your surgeon will advise the best option for you regarding your laser hand rejuvenation therapy. 

Depending on what type of pigmentation you’re being treated for, your doctor will prescribe several sessions. These sessions will usually take place about once a month, and it can take up to a couple of weeks for your dark spots to begin to fade. 

Are there any risks to laser treatment on hands?

There is a minimal chance that the treatment could do damage to the surrounding tissue of the treated area, but your doctor will go through all risks in detail with you during your consultation. 


Who’s the ideal candidate for hand rejuvenation?

Non-smokers and people who generally have good health are perfect candidates for hand rejuvenation. 

You’re a perfect candidate if you’re suffering from hand issues such as:

  • Thin skin on hands
  • Age spots
  • Wrinkled hands
  • Veiny hands
  • Dark spots

Hand rejuvenation isn’t recommended for people who:

  • Smoke and don’t want to quit
  • Have unrealistic goals about the outcome
  • Have a history of anaphylaxis
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have a bleeding disorder


What are the pros and cons of hand rejuvenation?

There are several pros and cons to hand rejuvenation that you should consider before booking a consultation with your doctor. 

The pros of hand rejuvenation

  • There are a lot of different cosmetic choices available to choose from
  • A lot of the treatments cause hand veins to look less noticeable
  • Hands can be enhanced to look younger, plumper, and fuller 
  • Hands get a smoother appearance free of any liver spots or dark spots 

The cons of hand rejuvenation

  • You might need several treatments to get the results you’re looking for
  • Recovery might include swelling, stiffness, bruising, and discomfort
  • You might not be able to use your hands properly for a short amount of time
  • Sun exposure or diabetes can cause slower healing, and you might not get as long-lasting results

If you think that hand rejuvenation might be the right option for you, then Auralia is here to help.

We have an experienced team that can help give your hands a more youthful look.

Please get in contact with one of our team members today to book a call and learn more about our laser hand rejuvenation treatment.

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