The inside news on fillers in Ireland

Last Updated : November 21, 2016

This is a simple no down time treatment to restore the youthfulness of the face. It involves injecting a filler material into the skin to either restore volume or change contours of the face. In the past aesthetics surgeon used it to fill lines around the face to improve areas that the patient is not happy with and try and make the area look younger and fuller.

The new school of dermal filler doctors aims at treating the face and not the lines. We aim to change proportions and contours of the face to help the patient achieve her best possible look. We no longer chase lines and try and make them better, but we study and analyse the face of each patient and try and make her of him achieve the most attractive youthful look. There are hundreds of different dermal fillers on the market. the main group is the HA fillers. The are not animal derived and there is no need for allergy testing. HA fillers results are not permanent and generally last for 6-8 months. New HA fillers now available like the Belotero+ Volume which can last for 12-18 months or more. This is my personal favourite because you can achieve a lot of results using very little amount of filler material compared to other brands which makes it very cost effective to the patient.

There are other fillers available but they are not as popular as HA fillers.

One major advantage for HA fillers is it can be corrected using a special enzyme that dissolve the filler if it was injected incorrectly by an inexperienced doctor.

Lip Augmentation

HA fillers are also used enhance the lips on a temporary basis and twice yearly top up will be needed to maintain the outcome. HA fillers also offer the flexibility to add more volume if desired results are not achieved with first treatment.

Permanent lip augmentation with implants is also popular but this should not be as a first time option. Lip implants does not offer the same flexibility of adjusting the size to little larger or little smaller.

Once the implant is in you cannot change it without going for more surgery. Lip enhancement can be achieved in three main ways.

We can enhance the definition of the lips, the pouting and the volume. This procedure can be done using HA fillers with almost no recovery time. New fillers have local anaesthetics pre-missed with the product which makes the augmentation process much more pleasant and easily tolerated.


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