The Complete Guide To Getting A Gastric Balloon In Ireland

Last Updated : April 29, 2021

Getting into a steady weight loss routine is challenging to say the least. If you’re not having much success with your weight loss efforts, you can quickly become down about yourself and the way your body looks and feels.

If traditional diets and exercise just aren’t working for you, there are many effective weight loss procedures you can choose from to help achieve the weight loss you want. Today we’re going to take a look at one of the most popular weight loss procedures in Ireland: a gastric balloon.

A gastric balloon could be an excellent option for people who find it challenging to maintain a healthy weight with traditional weight loss methods.

We’re going to take you through everything you need to know about gastric balloon procedure in Ireland so you can figure out if it’s the right procedure for you.

What is a gastric balloon?

A gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss aid used to help moderately obese individuals lose weight. It helps them achieve healthier lives and helps them feel more confident about their bodies.

The gastric balloon’s purpose is to fill a small capacity of the stomach so the patient gets the feeling of fullness with less food consumed. This helps aid them from overeating food and allows them to consume smaller meals and feel less hungry.

It is a temporary device that’s removed after a couple of months or so and is used together with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The gastric balloon can be also great for helping patients achieve long-term weight loss without any surgical intervention.

Are there any risks with a gastric balloon procedure?

Gastric balloons are very safe procedures, but there are always risks and side effects to any procedure.

The side effects of a gastric balloon include:

  • Nausea, abdominal discomfort, stomach cramps and retching during the first few days
  • A heavy feeling in the stomach
  • Back or abdominal discomfort
  • Reflux (heartburn)
  • The balloon could rupture and pass into the bowels, but this is very uncommon and is not likely to happen
  • Patients must take all the advice their doctor gives them to help prevent these side effects. This can include drinking a lot of fluids and following the nutritional guidelines carefully

Your doctor will go through the risks and side effects with you during your consultation, and if you have any questions, you can ask on the day. You should also get a copy of the risks and side effects in writing so you can go over them in your own time.

For severe pain and discomfort, doctors might prescribe medication. Your body will get used to the gastric balloon over a couple of days though. Then you’ll be able to eat food a lot more comfortably.

What happens during a gastric balloon procedure?

During the procedure:

  • The gastric balloon, while it’s deflated, is placed via an endoscopic tube through your mouth into your stomach
  • It’s inflated with sterile saline solution through an external catheter

During the procedure, patients are given:

  • A mild sedative to help them relax
  • A local anaesthetic to numb the throat

The gastric balloon stays in place for 6 or 12 months before being removed endoscopically.

Both the implantation and removal takes about 10-15 minutes to perform, and you’ll be able to return home in just a couple of hours after.

There are no incisions made to your body, so you don’t have to worry about any scars.

How does a gastric balloon work?

As soon as the gastric balloon is in place, it’s filled with a saline solution.

This partially fills the stomach and makes the patient feel full after eating a smaller amount of food.

The balloon’s main job is to help control hunger and allow the patient to develop a new eating pattern.

Who’s the ideal candidate for a gastric balloon?

The ideal candidate for gastric balloon surgery is somebody who:

  • Has a BMI over 27-33
  • Wants to lose about 1-3 stone

If you’re interested in a gastric balloon procedure, your surgeon will discuss your eligibility during your initial consultation.

How much weight can you lose with a gastric balloon?

Typically the gastric balloon can help you lose 2-3 stone in the first six months. Some patients have lost up to 5 stone.

Most patients will lose the most weight in the first three months, and then their weight tends to stabilise afterwards.

During this period, the primary function of the gastric balloon is to maintain weight. This is impossible to do without following the nutritional guidelines.

What are the health benefits of a gastric balloon?

The main health benefits of gastric balloons include:

  • Helping patients develop healthy eating habits
  • Aiding patients get down to a healthy weight
  • Empowering patients to feel better about their own body and image

If you think that a gastric balloon procedure might be the right option for you, then Auralia is here to help.

We have an experienced team that can help give you a look that you’ve always dreamed about.

Please get in contact with one of our team members today to book a call and learn more about our gastric balloon procedure.

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