The Complete Guide To Gastric Band Surgery In Ireland

Last Updated : January 22, 2021

If you’re one of the growing number of people who find it difficult to control their weight through dieting alone, it may be time to consider an alternative. 

Gastric bands reduce the maximum capacity of the stomach to help people lose weight easier. 

In this blog, we’re going to go through everything you need to know about gastric band surgery in Ireland so you can make the decision whether gastric band surgery is right for you. 

How does a gastric band work?

Gastric band procedures use keyhole surgery (also known as laparoscopic surgery) to place soft silicone rings around the top part of the stomach. 

This creates a two-compartment stomach with the part above the band being much, much smaller. If you eat enough food to fill the top compartment of your stomach you’ll get full quicker, and ultimately eat less food. 

Over time, after the meal has started to digest, the food will pass through the small opening between the sections and into the remainder of the stomach to continue the proper digestion cycle. 

Are gastric band adjustments painful?

Not at all. Many people are more concerned with the band adjustments rather than the original band surgery itself. 

Band adjustments might be a bit uncomfortable but it only consists of a small scratch of the skin with a needle to be able to push on the access port. It only takes a few minutes and you won’t even need an anaesthetic. 

How often will I need to have the gastric band adjusted?

This all depends on your own weight loss journey. 

For example, if you’ve been losing a couple of pounds each week, have no symptoms and feel good then your band is fine, however if your weight loss is slow then you might need an adjustment to add more restriction. 

It really depends on each patient. Some might need only one adjustment in the first 12 months, when others could need five or six. 

It’s often thought that if a band is helping you lose weight gradually then tightening it will help give you quicker, more promising results. 

This isn’t true.

Over-adjusting the band can be very dangerous and can increase the chance of slippage and other complications. 

How do I know if a gastric band will help me?

If you have a BMI score of 30-35 or over then surgery might help you achieve your long-term weight loss goal. Gastric bands also help people who suffer from medical conditions that are associated with obesity. For example, Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. 

When used alongside a healthy diet and active lifestyle a gastric band will help patients improve their health and well-being and help them lose weight in the long run. 

How much weight will I lose on a gastric band?

Everybody is different when it comes to weight loss – both with and without a gastric band. Some patients can lose 5-6 stone in the first year of having a gastric band, while other patients lose up to 10 stone in their first year. 

Your weight loss will differ depending on what types of food you are eating and whether you’re doing any exercise along with your gastric band usage. 

What is the aftercare like with gastric band surgery?

Aftercare is incredibly important for any procedure. It is a crucial part of recovering from a gastric band procedure, as it helps you to correctly heal and achieve your end-goal for weight loss. The success you have with your weight loss will all depend on how you look after yourself in the weeks following your surgery. 

By putting the effort in and taking care of your body you’ll be able to recover a lot faster. Look after yourself and follow your nutritional and exercise programs carefully. 

Aftercare plans are usually tailored to each individual patient in order to give them the best possible results. Ask your surgeon about their after-care procedures to get more information on your specific aftercare program. 

Is there pain after gastric band surgery?

Yes you’ll probably have pain in two main areas. 

  1. The port entry site where the operating instruments and camera were passed through.
  2. The left shoulder is also often sore after the procedure. This is actually deferred pain from the diaphragm.

This pain will usually settle after a few days or so. Most patients do not have any severe pain and whatever discomfort they do have is easily solved with some light painkillers. 

How soon can I drive after gastric band surgery?

Try not to drive until 2-3 days post surgery. 

How long will I be off work after gastric band surgery?

This depends on how active your job is. If no heavy lifting is involved, many patients can return to work in just a couple of days or so. 

Should I do physical activity after gastric band surgery?

Physical activity is an important factor to achieve your weight loss goals so be sure to follow all the advice and information about physical activity that your surgeon prescribes you. 

If you’re interested in getting gastric band surgery in Ireland, we can help. 

Here at Auralia our gastric band specialists can provide you with the care you need to help you reach your weight loss goal. 

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