The Complete Guide To Male Breast Reduction Surgery In Ireland

Last Updated : March 8, 2021

Gynecomastia is a condition that causes breast tissue to overdevelop in males. It affects about 30% of men and is commonly referred to by a lot of people as ‘man boobs’.

Gynecomastia can be a huge source of embarrassment and self-consciousness in men. It can severely affect how they feel about their bodies and cause them to have low self-esteem.

Having male breast correction surgery can get rid of any physical appearance they have when clothed or nude, and can also help reduce any social distress they feel about the way they look.

Having a more defined chest will not only help them improve their posture and self-confidence, but it’ll also make them more comfortable taking part in social and physical activities.

Male breast correction surgery can help men feel more relaxed when visiting the pool or a beach. They can easily wear a t-shirt without feeling self-conscious or awkward.

In this blog post, we’re going to run through everything you need to know about male breast reduction surgery.

What is male breast correction surgery?

Male breast correction surgery is a procedure that addresses the problems that men with gynecomastia face. It helps eliminate any embarrassment by removing the excess breast and fatty tissue. It’s a surgery that helps reveal the greater pectoralis muscle definition underneath the excess tissue.

Breast correction surgery for men is a very common procedure. If you’re getting this procedure done, or you’re thinking about getting this procedure, your doctor will go through the technical details with you in your consultation. They’ll advise what’s best for you and tell you about your options.

How does male breast correction surgery work?

Before your surgery, you’ll have a consultation where you’ll be able to ask your doctor questions. You’ll also be able to talk about your concerns and worries with your doctor. This will help you feel more confident about the procedure and let you make an informed decision of whether or not this surgery is the right choice for you.

For many years, breast reduction surgery for men left significant scarring and it also required the use of general anaesthesia. This raised the risk factors for patients significantly.

Now, male breast reduction surgery generally uses liposuction to remove any fat from under the skin. These more modern methods mean that general anaesthesia doesn’t have to be used.

The tools used for the liposuction are inserted into small incisions to remove the fatty tissue. It also causes very little scarring in comparison to the older method.

Is male breast reduction surgery permanent?

Male breast reduction surgery is permanent – there’s a very small chance the problem will come back after surgery especially if marijuana is used, weight is gained, or anabolic steroids are used.

What’s the recovery like for male breast correction surgery?

Many patients return to work after about a week post-op. The modern liposuction method of male breast reduction surgery is a lot less painful and it causes less tissue trauma, allowing patients to recover quickly and experience less stiffness and pain after the operation.

Do you have to stay overnight in a hospital for male breast reduction surgery?

You do not need to stay overnight following the procedure. You will however be recovering in the hospital for a few hours after your surgery is completed. We advise that you get somebody to collect you from the hospital to ensure you get home safely.

How long should you take off work for male breast reduction surgery?

You should plan to take about 2-3 days off if your work is not physical like in an office.

You should take one to two weeks off if you perform any heavy lifting or strenuous activities at your job.

Are there any risks to male breast reduction surgery?

All surgery, including cosmetic surgery, carries risks. Your doctor will talk you through all possible complications in your consultation. It’s a good idea to get a copy of the risks in writing so you can bring it home and read it during your own time.

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